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We – as Universal Food Supplier Limited, feel very proud to be your food supplier. It is undoubtedly worthwhile to choose us as your unique and valuable food supplier, as we treat every customer’s opinions and suggestions as key ingredients of our success. We are continuously and deliberately striving to provide fresh, high quality foods as well as more tailored customer services to you. In order to build good business relationship with you, let us take this opportunity to introduce our business culture, products and services to you.



We are supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh, chilled and frozen meat, fresh and frozen seafood, as well as several approved dry products. This is a selection of products we currently also supply to other restauants. We would appreciate if you could have a close look on the enclosed product list and compare this to your current suppliers costing and services.



As an enterprise fresh fruit and vegetable supplier to the Foodservice industry, Universal food supplier ltd are proud to supply some of the finest and most varied establishments in the country including all othar restaurants and we would love to service all your restaurant in the future.



We take great pride in our “we buy what you need” policy, guaranteeing quality, full traceability and a fully transparent product range at a variable market price. With our procurement teams, growers and suppliers being able to source products worldwide, you can choose from a wide range of products all year round.



Also we provide really competitive delivery service compare the other supplier. We deliver into your kitchen and

help to unload the food in front of your chillier and freezer, it does not like others just leave on the pallets and miles away from your kitchen. Whenever you would like to change the brand we supply in order to suit for your cost management, it is very convenient for us to change for you!!



Please take a few moments to read through your welcome pack, and if you have any questions please call company landline:02030115988 (DAY TIME08:00AM-03:00PM) and for order hot line Mrs: Zhang -02030115206.Ms: Emily 07774478888 (NIGHT TIME05:00PM-12:00PM)

We will be in contact with you shortly and look forward to becoming your nominated fresh produces supplier.

**Please see enclosed a helpful guide of how we could work together in the future.

请用您少许的宝贵时间阅读一下本公司提供你的欢迎礼包,如果您有任何疑问,请您致02030115988(工作时间:08:00AM-03:00PM) J.订购电话:女士-02030115206/ Emily 07774478888(工作时间0800PM-12:00PM






Placing your order with e-mail or fax

Our office team is open from 5am-3pm Monday – Friday and 5am-12pm on Saturday.9am-12pm on Sunday  

我们公司团队的工作时间:周一至周五,营业时间为:0500AM-0300PM。周六0500AM-12OOPM。周日 09:00am-12:00pm

Order team open from 05:00pm-10:00pm Monday – Sunday



Order has to be placed before 10 pm, no additional order will be made after 10pm. If you have any question please contact office by phone (02030115988) before 04:00 pm.


Orders can be placed before 8pm the day before delivery day, we will confirm the delivery day to all restaurant a week before we start.



All orders can be placed in two or three ways:



Either by email: uk888ltd@gmail.com using the order sheet provided or by fax: 02085567655 or wechat:ufoods88 order tel:02030115206/ 07774478888

既可以用我们公司的emailuk888ltd@gmail.com,也可以直接传真到我们公司:02085567655. 订购电话:02030115206/07774478888 或者使用手机微信软件:ufoods88






When placing orders we ask that your make clear your account number and the product codes and volume requirements associated with each ordered product. An email reply from our operation teams will give you the reassurance that we have accurately processed your order.



Universal food supplier can supply you the following lines:



  • All Fruit and vegetables *(including prepared produce)
  • 所有的水果和蔬菜
  • Frozen meats *(including chicken, duck, pork, lamb and seafood etc)
  • 所有的冻肉(包括冻鸡,冻鸭,冻猪,冻羊和冷冻海鲜)
  • Frozen / fresh sea foods *(including your salmon and tuna)
  • 新鲜和冷冻海鲜(包括三文鱼,金枪鱼)
  • Frozen din sum *(including char sui bun, lotus paste bun etc)
  • 冷冻点心(包括叉烧包,奶黄包,烧卖,锅贴)
  • Raw Meat
  • 各种新鲜肉类
  • Dry goods
  • 各种扎货


Please refer to the up to date order sheets to see the current products available to you. If there is something missing please follow your company in house procedure by filling the additional product request and send this to your Purchasing department for approval.






Receiving your order



As each product is delivered please check the delivery note/invoice for



  • Product description
  • 产品明细
  • Weight / Pack size
  • 产品重量和大小
  • Quantity
  • 数量
  • Shelf life
  • 保质期
  • Product condition
  • 产品所需的条件情况
  • Sign your name for received goods in good condition (the signature must be sign by an authorised person.)
  • 请签收你的名字以及货品质量良好,数量正确。收到货的字样(必须是由指定授权的人签名。请注意签收之后,本公司将不会负责所有货品的数量以及新鲜蔬菜的质量保证和退货,所以请您务必认真查收,避免您的公司或个人不必要的损失!!)



We pride ourselves on getting orders correct first time. Should this not be so, please contact our office team within 24 hours of your delivery so that your issue can be resolved quickly and efficiently and a suitable corrective action can be taken.




Peace of mind



All of our products are fully traceable and carry a unique identity label so you can be assured of the quality and origin of each product.


  • We are a BRC accredited national supplier offering the same product and specification countrywide
  • 我们是一个有BRC认证的全国供应商,提供全国相同的产品和规格

All our supplied eggs are lion stamped

  • We offer British red tractor meat
  • 我们提供的所有的鸡蛋都都有公家许可认证盖章
  • We offer Certified Halal chicken products
  • 我们提供清真鸡肉制品认证书
  • We have complete knowledge of all allergens by product
  • 我们拥有所有产品过敏原的知识


All our vehicles have been fixed the latest tech tracker, and any movement of the vehicle will be report to the management team by sending text message. So please feel free to track you delivery by phone our office, we will text you the location of the vehicle then you can find it from the Google map.



Customer services



We recognize that with the nature of fresh produce we need a strong service team to be able to respond to any issues or concerns you may have quickly and efficiently. The customer services team are able to respond to any query you may have. The primary objective of your Customer services team is to respond to all queries and questions you may have as quickly as possible.


We will Endeavour to resolve queries either immediately or respond within an agreed timeframe.


The Customer services team is contactable on 02030115988 or email info@ufoods.co.uk

客户服务团队电话:02030115988 or info@ufoods.co.uk


Customer services team working hours     Monday – Saturday      6am – 4pm

客户服务团队工作时间:周一至周六  0600AM- 0400PM

For order and product service please contacts:

ZHANG :02030115206 08:00Pm-02:00amOR EMILY: 07774478888(09:00am-05:00pm

订货或者货品信息咨询请致电:ZHANG :0203011520608:00Pm-02:00amOR EMILY 0777447888809:00am-05:00pm


Other important contacts – National Account Manager-Jennier 


会计部联系人 –Jennifer






In the Event of any of the Following:



I wish to change my Order



Contact our order department who will add/change to your next available delivery


There is two ways to make your order



All orders can be placed via Email to uk888ltd@gmail.com or fax the number of 02085567655 or wechat:ufoods88

所有订单可以通过电子邮件放置uk888ltd@gmail.com或传真到02085567655的号码 或微信ufoods88

My order is delay



all orders should be arrive following days before 3pm, our  service will be contact you if delivery has been delay.


I need to add a product to my order



Contact our order team via email/telephone and they will add to your next day delivery


There is a product missing from my delivery



Contact the Customer services team. Ensure that you have advised the delivery driver at the time of delivery and have them note the shortage on the invoice/delivery note.


The wrong product has been delivered



Contact the Customer services team before 30pm in the same day and our delivery driver will made a note on the invoice/delivery note.


The seal is broken on a product and/or it is damaged


Contact the customer services team who in turn will agree an acceptable course of action with you.


I need an emergency delivery




There will be No Emergency Delivery. Please plan your stock accordingly.


I have been charged incorrectly on an invoice



Contact the Customer services team ensuring you have your branch name, invoice number and relevant product details to hand.


I require a product that your sales department tell you they do not stock


Contact your Account Manager who will advise your company HQ accordingly.


All product/contracted listings have been agreed with the your company buying team. Should you wish to add a product the process could take up to 24 hours to finalise, after we have received approval from your purchasing department in High Barnet.


Please have the following information to hand when calling our Customer services. This will help us process your inquiries quickly and accurately


Your account name and number


Invoice number


Delivery date


Product codes & product description



Delivery schedule


We do not deliver on Sunday and some public holidays (Christmas day, Boxing day, New Years day, Good Friday, and Easter Monday. There is no fresh seafood on Monday regarding Fish market off)









MOB: 07774478888

Shop open hours 公司门市营业时间:


9:00-12:00 周日


Delivery days 送货时间

From Monday to Friday 周一至周五

Delivery area: 送货范围

London(including china town) 伦敦

Cambrigeshire:(min order 200 pounds) 剑桥

Oxfordshire. 牛津

Bury st Edmunds.百利




Brighton 布莱顿



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